Tissue regeneration and Inflammation

Research Area

  • Basic mechanisms controlling tissue growth and differentiation
  • Mechanisms underlying wound inflammation and disease
  • Relationship between tissue repair and ageing

Research Projects

The clinical-scientific interface of tissue repair

Intermittent increases in skin inflammation are critical for survival as e.g. during wound healing, infection or cancer. Our group is interested to understand how the immune response evolves during the physiological repair response and to untangle the mechanisms underlying pathological healing conditions in patients. Chronic skin ulceration and tissue fibrosis associated with diabetes mellitus, auto-inflammation, carcinogenesis and ageing are major causes of global disease burden. The development of innovate strategies to improve tissue repair and regeneration is therefore important. As one of the most challenging task in the future of wound repair we envision the transfer of novel findings in basic research into the clinical settings. Therefore, we study impaired healing conditions in patients to identify surrogate markers to assess prognosis and healing progression of impaired healing conditions. To achieve our goal we are searching to strengthen the close cooperation among clinicians, scientists and industrial partners.

Currently the group performs research as Principal Investigator in the following research programs:

A Randomized, Placebo-controlled Phase IIa Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of subcutaneous Dupilumab in Localized Scleroderma

Please visit also the homepage of our Wound Healing Clinic for further information on treatment regimes offered for patients suffering from wound healing disorders.

Understanding the complications of wound healing in patients with recessive dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa
Exploring innate immunity in wound healing complications in RDEB patients

Collaborative Research Center 829 Molecular Mechanisms regulating Skin Homeostasis
SFB 829

Collaborative Research Center 1403 Cell Death in Immunity, Inflammation and Disease
SFB 1403

Collaborative Research Center 1218 Mitochondrial regulation of Cellular Function
SFB 1218

The Cologne Cluster of Excellence on Cellular Stress Responses in Aging-associated Diseases

Research Unit FOR 2599 Tissue type 2 immunity: Mechanisms of induction and regulation
Forschergruppe 2599

Research Unit FOR 2240 (Lymph)Angiogenesis and Cellular Immunity in Inflammatory Diseases of the Eye
Forschergruppe 2240

Center of Molecular Medicine Cologne

Group members

Selected Publications

Willenborg S, Sanin DE, Jais A, Ding X, Ulas T, Nüchel J, Popović M, MacVicar T, Langer T, Schultze JL, Gerbaulet A, Roers A, Pearce EJ, Brüning JC, Trifunovic A, Eming SA. Mitochondrial metabolism coordinates stage-specific repair processes in macrophages during wound healing. 2021. Cell Metab (in press)

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Kim CS, Ding X, Allmeroth K, Biggs LC, Kolenc OI, L'Hoest N, Chacón-Martínez CA, Edlich-Muth C, Giavalisco P, Quinn KP, Denzel MS, Eming SA*, Wickström SA*. Glutamine Metabolism Controls Stem Cell Fate Reversibility and Long-Term Maintenance in the Hair Follicle. 2020. Cell Metab 32(4):629-642 (* corresponding author) (# equal contribution)

Schiffmann LM, Werthenbach JP, Heintges-Kleinhofer F, Seeger JM, Fritsch M, Günther SD, Willenborg S, Brodesser S, Lucas C, Jüngst C, Albert MC, Schorn F, Witt A, Moraes CT, Bruns CJ, Pasparakis M, Krönke M, Eming SA, Coutelle O, Kashkar H. Mitochondrial respiration controls neoangiogenesis during wound healing and tumour growth. 2020. Nat Commun 11:3653

Schönborn K, Willenborg S, Schulz JN, Imhof T, Eming SA, Quondamatteo F, Brinckmann J, Niehoff A, Paulsson M, Koch M, Eckes B, Krieg T. Role of collagen XII in skin homeostasis and repair. 2020. Matrix Biol 94:57-76

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